Karcher Hand Held Steam Cleaner

Karcher SC1 Hand Held Steam Cleaner ONLY £69.99

With this Karcher SC1 Hand Held Steam Cleaner it is both convenient and versatile!.

It has a quick 15 second heat up, you can save time on your cleaning routine making sure small areas are complete quickly and efficiently.

This comes with a continuous flow heater which heats up only small amounts of water in the shortest time, whilst a high performance pump ensures a steady water supply for constant steam output.

SC1 has a powerful steam blast of 3bar thanks to a closed system pressure reservoir in the steam hose - a deep clean is performed killing 99.99% of bacteria without the use of chemicals.

Tools include:

  • Hand nozzle

  • Detail nozzle

  • Round brush

  • 2 steam tubes

  • Cotton floor cloths

  • Cotton hand cloths

  • Accessory bag

  • Steam hose

  • Power nozzle

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