Clover Deodoriser Concentrate (223)

Deodoriser Concentrate (223) Candy Disinfectant/Deodoriser

A candy disinfectant and deodoriser concentrate based on a synergistic blend of 3 active biocides.

  • An opaque blue liquid that incorporates specially selected candy fragrances, effective in killing odour producing bacteria and fungi and neutralising unpleasant odours.
  • Recommended for use in washroom areas; floors, toilets, urinals, drains and cisterns; highly effective on waste and rubbish bins, rubbish carts, waste disposal chutes, carpets and entrance matting.
  • Use to freshen air in hotels, night clubs, public houses, conference centres, public rooms and buildings, nursing and retirement homes, airports, departments stores, shops, ships, boats and ferries.
  • Available Pack Sizes: 5 litres.

Available Pack Sizes

  • 5 litres

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