F052 Heavy Duty Degreaser

H.D Degreaser (F052) Aluminium Safe Heavy Duty Degreaser

The clear, fragrance-free, orange liquid emulsifies animal fats, grease, blood and protein. Contains effective detergents for soil penetration. Non-Tainting. Ideal Food Plant cleaner. Aluminium Safe. Controlled foam, no excessive rinsing.

  • Application: Suitable for floors, walls, drains, gullies, and canopies in Kitchens, Bakeries, Restaurants, Hospitals and the Meat processing & Food Manufacturing Industry. Will not taint food, may be used through mechanical floor scrubber machines.
  • Description: FLOORS: Sweep floor and remove all loose soiling. Apply a solution of H D Degreaser 1: 40 with water and apply by mop. Agitate the solution to penetrate the soiling before cleaning and rinsing off using warm water. WORK SURFACES AND WALLS: remove all food products to prevent contamination. Remove any loose soiling. Apply solution at the required dilution with a cloth, sponge, or scouring pad. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and leave to air dry. DEEP FAT FRYERS: Turn off power and allow to cool. Drain oil and remove sediment. Fill fryer with a solution of 1: 20 dilution. Heat solution for 10-12 mins. DO NOT BOIL. Drain and rinse with clean water, wipe dry. To sanitise high risk areas, rinse or spray clean all surfaces with concentrated residual sanitiser.
  • Available Pack Sizes: 5 litres.

Available Pack Sizes

  • 5 litres

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