Vileda Flat Mopping System

Vileda Flat Mopping System

UltraSpeed is a new, easy to use, modular floor cleaning system with a revolutionary press. With the new press you’re able to achieve better press results. Cleaned floors are getting dry faster and can be used after a short time. The system features with low cost, light weight materials, fast and effective press, durability and several mops for different applications.

  • Strong, light 25 L bucket with highly efficient gearless lever press for excellent press results.

  • Rectangular design for more stability.

  • Handle holder on press for easy storage of handle.

  • Coloured clips to colour code the system RGBY.

  • 25 L Starter Kit consists of a 25 L bucket, a chassis, a press, a frame and one UltraSpeed Microlite mop.

  • 25 L Kit consists of a bucket 25 L, a chassis and a press.

Also available in a mini kit - 

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