B087 Selden Silversheen

Silversheen (B087) Heavy Duty Floor Polish Maintainer

Opaque thin, white liquid specially formulated for spray cleaning. Highly efficient cleaner. Removes dirt and black heel marks with ease. Protects and prolongs the life of floor finishes. Readily burnished to give a high gloss.

  • Application: A heavy duty polish maintainer designed for spray cleaning linoleum, P.V.C., sealed cork, sealed wood and thermoplastic floors.
  • Directions: SHAKE CONTAINER WELL BEFORE USE. Dilute as required into a hand spray. Spray lightly onto the floor in front of the machine and then burnish till dry. Recommended dilution rates:-Heavy duty cleaning - 1:1 with clean water. General cleaning - 1:3 with clean water. Daily maintenance - 1:8 with clean water.
  • N.B. DO NOT OVER APPLY Not suitable for unsealed wood or cork. Recommended that solvent sensitive floors e.g. rubber, asphalt are pretreated with Selexel A011 or Diamond Brite A014, prior to regular maintenance with Silversheen.
  • Available Pack Sizes: 5 litres.

Available Pack Sizes

  • 5 litres

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