Diversey Carefree Speed Stripper

Diversey Carefree Speed Stripper

A no-scrub, no-rinse floor polish speed stripper for use on all resilient floors (excluding wood). Its revolutionary formulation can cut stripping time by 50% when compared to other polish strippers available on the market. The solution can be applied with a kentucky mop or polish applicator, and can be used with or without the help of a rotary floor machine.

  • Suitable for use on all floor types (excluding wood).
  • Dilute 1 to 5 parts with water (1000ml per 5l). Stronger concentrations of up to 1 to 3 parts (1650ml per 5l) may be needed for floors with a heavy build-up of polish.
  • Spread the solution evenly over the floor with a suitable applicator. Leave for 5 minutes, break up softened polish by agitation, leave for a further 5 minutes - do not allow to dry out.
  • Remove with applicator or wet pick up machine.
  • Damp mop to remove any residues and leave floor to dry.
  • For spray stripping: Dilute 1 to 20 parts (250ml per 5l) with water, spray and scrub with a stripping grade floor pad.
  • Do not use on unsealed wood or painted surfaces. Always test on lino for colourfastness before use.
  • Available Pack Sizes: 5 litres.

Available Pack Sizes

  • 5 litres

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